>Universal enterprise UX – Part 5 (Personalisation)

>All commercial portal platforms allow for a level of personalisation; for example Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) allows the user to change their personal view of a WSS site e.g. resizes of web-parts, addition of new part-parts, minimising of web-parts.

Our model needs to extend this however. For example; when a web-part is minimised, the remaining web-parts should automatically re-size to consume as much of the screen real-estate as possible. This auto-expansion activity must only be constrained by underlying portal platform e.g. web-part zones for the page in question using WSS/MOSS. Unless all web-parts are specifically minimised, whatever web-parts are not minimised on the page, they will always consume exactly the same screen real-estate.

Examples of auto-expansion behaviour follow. These are not exhaustive and additional combinations may be allowed for example a page where the Task List is auto-expanded to consume the whole page (similarly to the Asset Filter whole page expansion below) would be possible.

Darkt-gray boxes above indicate that a web-part has been minimized by the user. Light-gray boxes indicate that a web-part has automatically re-sized itself to consume the available space within its web-part zone. Note that in the case of the page described in the top-right above, the Asset Browser has not horizontally expanded to fill the page, as this would exceed its web-part zone. Note also the lines between the pages as they indicate how a page may be successively personalized to the user’s taste.

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